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In Memoriam

King Buttons
sept-14-2005 - Aug 25-2012

Because of you there is sunshine,
there are tears still
where many tears have fallen
There is love unbounded by desire of true
love in my heart, mind soul and body.
And all of this mixed together with laughter,
joy and sunshine and rain which
quenches the thirst, Please dont cry,
it's just because I love you.

Patrick OSullivan 19921013

20060128.2004 (click here)

King Buttons 20110812.1015

september 14-2005 -- august 25-2012
buttons in sky 20120902.0515
buttons star near the moon
Buttons at the rainbow bridge

dogs in north everett Click Here to view file

Born 09-14-2005 to Andromeda
buttons got killed by 2 loose dogs and they bit 5 people
and a police officer in north everett. 8-25-2012 about 6-9am

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